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A bit about Rebecca Merle...


Rebecca is an ethnically diverse, warm, spirited, and versatile performer with deep sensitivity and a clever wit that make her distinctive.  Born and raised in the Midwest, she began performing in Equity theaters as a young child.  Her childhood provided the innate impetus for creativity.  When she discovered the performing arts, improvisation, and writing, she discovered an exciting world to invest her energy.  Rebecca's work and interests, also, include painting, photography, film & video, and music.

As a performer, camaraderie comes naturally, Rebecca sees work with other artists as an opportunity for creative synergy.  She knows many faces both behind and in front of the camera from her work in film, television, and commercials throughout New York, on the East coast, and around the US over the years.  She is as comfortable on the city streets as she is in the studios.  She is, also, continually writing - whether jokes, anecdotes, lyrics, and poems, or concocting ideas for development into larger bodies of work.  

Rebecca is grateful to live among the culture of New York City.  Between work and projects, she's reading, writing, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, mingling, throwing three-point shots, generating new ideas, experiencing new work, exploring the city, silently observing, and, when possible, enjoying the peace of solitude. 

Rebecca has a strong desire to make a positive impact and bring hope to people from all walks of life through her creative endeavors and beyond. She recognizes the simple empowerment of shared human experience, laughter, empathy, and on a larger scale - individual and community self-empowerment - as a mechanism to shift the direction of the world and she works to be part of the change for the better. 

Rebecca is a member of New York Women In Film & Television (NYWIFT).  She has previously served on the SAG-AFTRA Awards Nomination Committee for Film and as a juror for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Student Academy Awards.

It takes a lot of positive people for an artist to exist & grow, so thank you very much for stopping by.  She would, also, like to acknowledge the generous impact of libraries, namely NYPL libraries on her growth and development as a person and artist. Your support is genuinely acknowledged and appreciated!    

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